Outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant
Use a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Definition of outsourcing: the contracting or subcontracting of non-core business activities.


Outsourcing your administration tasks frees you to concentrate on activities directly concerned with your clients.

Chris C Ducker is a well-known British sales and marketing entrepreneur. He is also an outsourcing guru. Read his e-book “Business Growth and the Outsourcing Lifestyle” to learn more about the reasons why you should be outsourcing. While this book is clearly aimed at the US market, the lessons are still valuable for Australian businesses.

Why outsource to a VA?

Personal assistant PLUS office administrator PLUS business owner = Virtual Assistant.

One word describes a VA. AWESOME!  And the sad thing is that you may develop a great working relationship but may never meet in person.

The word ‘virtual’ means that a VA works from their own office, using their own equipment, and communicating with you by phone, email, or any means other than face-to-face.

Because they are also business owners they understand what it takes to run a business.

You should outsource to a VA because they will have all the skills you need to get your work done professionally and efficiently.

Best of all, a VA will only charge you for the time it takes to complete your work.

Outsourcing overseas?

While there is an argument for outsourcing some work overseas, your administration is probably not one of them.

5 reasons for outsourcing to a local VA

  • You will share the same language and culture.
  • You will share the same time zone (more or less!) If you need to contact your VA you can do it during your business hours.
  • You will be talking in the same currency and have the same taxation issues.
  • If you live in Brisbane your VA will know that Perth is not just down the road.
  • Most importantly, you will be giving work to another Australian entrepreneur.

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